The Success From All Agency Planning Photo


With our clients here at The Village Communications, we want to ensure that we work collaboratively together not just as a team or even as an agency but also with other agencies including creative, PR, Digital who are vital part to making a campaign work for our clients. By working together we are able to bring ideas to life, using our individual agency strengths to produce ideas that complement each other rather than segment away from one another.

As an agency at Village, this is key to success for a brand – particularly so in making it an easier journey for the client so they can have that One approach from all agencies.

This was why this week, we crossed over from London to Dublin to for 24 hours for a Global Brand strategy workshop for William Grant & Sons with all agencies involved in the planning of a campaign in 2016. The core channel was digital and with ever increasingly platforms emerging and evolving, we need to be targeted in our approach to reach the right audience from how we communicate, engage and deliver to the final conversion point.

For the session, we needed to ensure we worked towards finalising the Objectives – the Challenges – the Opportunities – and lastly leading on to Activation Plan where we really do need the plan to come to life. With Global Activation it really is our job to come up with that GREAT idea to motivate and drive global markets to want to put budget aside to work with us on building up the brand around the world.

The day was a brilliant success, the only downside was we didn’t have enough time to enjoy the delights of the vibrant city in Ireland so will ensure to explore when we visit on our next return.