Imbibe 2016 photo 1


Hannah, Charlotte and I (Rose) spent the afternoon visiting a few of our brands, sampling an array of new spirits, liquors and cocktail concoctions, and exploring what offerings the alcohol industry currently has at Imbibe last week.

The craft gin category has, as we all know, really taken off with every imaginable variant available. We tasted cucumber gin, watercress gin, and wasabi gin to name but a few. The cocktail category has also exploded with such a vast array of liquors and flavours on offer, not to forget the mixer variants. Our client Funkin owned the pre mixed mixer category with their vibrant stand handing out not only samples of the cocktails, but also demonstrating what you can do with their syrup range – create a very easy to drink shot!


Imbibe 2016 photo 2

The number of whiskeys/whiskies on offer was immense, especially those of the ‘craft variety’. Sadly we missed ‘Whisk(e)y: Around the world in six highballs’ talk which told the story of the world journey exploring whisk(e)y in six drams.

One of the more innovative stands was the Vapshot. Here we had the chance to sample a shot of vodka in vaporized form – a way to limit your calorie intake which is a growing trend.