Should I invest in Digital or TV?

The subject of ‘Digital or TV’ is something that has become more prevalent recently, especially with the rise of online video

The truth is that there are a lot of similarities between the 2 channels and how people consume video is not linear, rather they are watching content across a number of devices, all at the same time.

The emergence of VOD, BBC3 going online only and Sky introducing AdSmart shows how TV is adapting to the digital age. Secondly, the rise of Netflix, YouTube and other video streaming services is where many people go to watch their favourite shows online. Viewers are curating their own content streams, with no care for labels like “digital,” “broadcast,” “cable,” “smartphone,” or “television.” They cast video to their TVs and watch TV content online

Both channels have their own advantages & disadvantages but the latest research from Binet & Field (Marketing in the Digital Age)  shows that by using them together actually increases effectiveness. There is a 54% increase in the average number of ‘very large business effects’ from adding TV and online video together in a campaign’s media mix, while for TV only campaigns, this total increase is 32%

Additional research shows that by having a cross platform approach, especially digital with TV, increases ROI. A study conducted by the Advertising Research Foundation found that the average TV and digital campaigns delivered 60% higher ROI

If budgets allow and it fits in with your strategy, the most effective solution is to invest in both TV and digital and not focus on one or the other