Glenfiddich Back In Time At Goodwood Revival photo 1


Goodwood Revival is a festival of racing cars and motorcycles from the circuit’s original period 1948 – 1966, the golden era of motor sport. Visitors go back in time by dressing in the period of 40s/50s/60s to really take on the authentic style and feel of the festival making the event a unique day that you wouldn’t want to miss.

This was a perfect weekend for Glenfiddich to travel back into this era especially as this was the period when design and style was influencing the way brands look. In the 1960s, Glenfiddich Whisky changed to a triangular bottle inspired by the drastic changes in design, making sure they were at the front of time, fitting in with the swinging sixties.

Glenfiddich Back In Time At Goodwood Revival photo 2

At Goodwood Revival amongst all the noise of motorcars and fighter jets, Glenfiddich was situated within the Highstreet area where they had their own Original Club. A bar was set up where visitors could relax and enjoy their Whisky to take a break of the hustle and bustle outside. You could enjoy anything from a single malt whisky shot or variety of cocktails from your classics Old Fashioned or Whisky Sour to a Revival unique cocktail.

It was a brilliant weekend, in which everyone made a huge effort to look and bring the style of that era to life… Except you Mike.

Glenfiddich Back In Time At Goodwood Revival photo 3