Emma’s First Month At The Village

Last week officially marked the end of my first month at The Village. I sat at my desk, next to both a pair of sunglasses and an umbrella, which felt like a strangely fitting metaphor for how I was feeling. Much like the weather in London recently, my first month has been equal parts exciting, enjoyable, daunting and unpredictable.

Finding the right position for your Graduate role seems impossible; there’s a sense of pressure to ensure you make the right decision – which, I’ll be honest, is not a decision I ever envisaged making in my bedroom during a global pandemic. Still, much like the fast-paced environment here at The Village, you have to be flexible and roll with the punches. Finding The Village could not have made that decision any easier. Talking to Richard and Kat, any anxiety or apprehension disappeared. These people truly cared about their clients and took such a great sense of pride in their work. It was infectious and soon had me feeling that way too.

Since starting, everything has been so busy – being thrown into the fast-paced world of media meant I have been able to get my teeth stuck into the role and get to know the different challenges and structures it presents. I have been introduced to media owners, getting to know the people whose platform might be the perfect fit for one of our clients. Researching market and consumer trends to see where our target audience likes to go, what they do and what they consume to paint a complete picture for the client, allowing us to create targeted media plans they will be genuinely drawn to. And finally, one of my favourite weekly tasks has been filtering through current media and marketing news for clients, keeping myself and them informed in weekly bite-sized nuggets – helping to deliver relevant and interesting stories throughout their industry.

I am so excited to continue to get stuck in – with the support of my colleagues, driven by the same desire to produce the best results for our clients, helping them face the challenges of an ever-changing world head-on.

I am continuing to learn and develop alongside those with enthusiasm, fresh approaches and passion for what they do.