Charlie’s first month at The Village.

Hello, my name is Charlie, and I have just started at The Village Communications as a Graduate Trainee. My role is to assist the digital team on their day-to-day business. My first month here has been exciting and fast-paced since I started, and there is so much to share with you.

I moved to London after graduating to start my new job here. On the first few days of my move I was full of nerves and felt totally out of my comfort zone. My first day was a real learning opportunity, getting to grips with the fundamentals of the role and learning about how my work on the Digital team contributes to the wider picture at The Village Communications. I was given responsibility from day one which helped me get really stuck in with the role. During my induction, we were taken to lunch where I got the chance to get to know everyone outside the office. All my fears had disappeared when I got started here and after my first day, I felt really positive.

During my first week I gained a vital understanding of the learning curve that comes with the role. Gathering research data, creating reports and assisting with finances is all a part of the job. My experience with Excel had been limited up until I joined the team and in no time, I was able to use the tools confidently thanks to the help and guidance I received from my co-workers. Wrapping my head around loads of data is definitely the biggest learning curve I’ve had to face so far in the role.

My favourite task to perform is creating target audience reports using TGI database: I love seeing an audience profile come to life, and understanding how just a few lines of data can paint a really vivid picture of a person’s life. I have enjoyed being part of a social and tightly-knit working team, meeting with media owners and seeing results from an ad campaign you contributed work towards feels so rewarding.

All in all, my first month has been and gone so quickly and I’ve loved every part of it. There’s still lots for me to learn and get involved with and I am eager to see what the future holds for me as a graduate trainee. We have two new members of the team starting soon and I look forward to welcoming them to the team at the Village. Drinks anyone?