What Makes London So Awesome Photo


Last week Mike and I attended Ad Week’s talk ‘What makes London so ******* awesome’ which in short reinforced just how lucky we are to be planning and buying media in this magnificent city ubiquitous with opportunities!

ES’s show business correspondent grilled some famous faces, including London tailor Joshua Kane, Radio 1 DJ Clara Amfo and actress Olivia Grant on what exactly makes the capital so different from any other and how brands can take advantage of all on offer.

Plentiful connections and exposure to influential characters came out key. Joshua informed that his brand was built from the connections that he made from university in London, whom still to this day constantly help each other out, whether it’s lending a suit, or performing at a show. Clara backs up this sense of camaraderie stating how supportive everyone is to emerging artists as they share the passion for making/enjoying ‘cool s***’. Londoners love originality and authenticity.

Continuing with music Clara goes on to state how the chance for experience is only 10-15 minutes from anywhere, at any time, whether it be a busker in Soho, or at London’s day festival Field Day – rammed with amazing talent. The same applies for the thriving theatre scene. Olivia expresses the immense hunger there is for theatre in London, which is a real kick back from the digital age, proving people really enjoy getting involved in experiential experiences, ones that you have to be there for and can’t just share on social media.

With all this in mind, as media planners, it is essential for us to keep up with the rapid pace in London and constantly evolve with the times in order to reach this audience, spoilt with opportunity and excitement, in an engaging manner. It also goes to show that there is huge scope out there for smaller brands if they approach their audience in the correct way.