Adam’s First Month at The Village

A month has past since I first joined The Village Communications, and what a month it’s been. The 24th of July was my first day, and within the first 10 minutes I was hurdled into the deep end with a finance training session so that the team could learn a software called Adserve. Although I sat in this meeting with the upmost interest, the information could have been in French and I would have understood as much as I did. Although for me this immediate involvement was hugely important as it straight away made me feel like an important part of the team. And although I understood little to none, my learning process had already begun.

That is what this month has been about; learning and understanding the fundamentals behind how an agency works. I have learnt an incredible amount and it’s been a fantastic experience so far. I have been involved in a vast array of activities during my time here at The Village, including, but not limited to:


I have been involved in a substantial amount of research using websites like ThinkBox and the IPA. This research has given me a crucial understanding towards the importance and power of different advertising channels. I have learnt the value of TV advertising, the power of OOH advertising and the impact of press advertising. This has formed the base of all my knowledge.

Commercial Regs:

I underwent an 8-hour IPA course called ‘Commercial Regs’. This course gave me fundamental finance knowledge which has helped me build an understanding on how agencies make money and the processes involved in managing this. I learnt how to balance an agencies finance through balance sheets and profit and loss statements. I now understand the key KPI’s and the purposes behind them. I have knowledge into contracts, which shall help me when working with clients. This course has helped me understand the operations behind the running of a media agency and will help me when undergoing tasks such as invoices, bookings and managing a campaigns budget.

Media Owners:

During my time at The Village I have felt a level of importance through the array of task I have been set. Straight from the get-go I was tasked with booking in press adverts for Culturelle. This helped me to establish relationships with media owners from Hearst, Immediate, Time-Inc, Guardian ect. These relationships will be the foundation for any press related work I will undergo. This work helped me understand the cost of putting an advert into press titles, and how the process works. I also went on my first media lunch, which was a great experience. It was wings and beer, what’s better than that?

Alongside this I have been having meetings with a collection of other members within the industry which is developing my knowledge further and helping me grow into my role.


A couple of weeks into my journey I attended my first client meeting. I learnt a lot during this meeting by just listening to the conversations which were unfolding in front of me. It gave me an understanding towards the foundations of a client relationship. The extent of information passed between the parties was fascinating and helped me to understand how an agency, like ourselves, works with a creative to get the clients advertising campaign off the ground.


This has by far been the most challenging aspect of my time here at The Village, but a vital one towards improving my functionality within the business. I have begun learning software such as Adserve, TGI, MediaTel, AdDynamix and so on. These skills will be helpful throughout my career and the more time I put into them, the more capable I feel each time at extracting the correct information and improving my understanding of how the software works.

Table Foosball:

Every lunch we play table foosball. It’s great fun, however mediocre I am at the game.

Here’s to many more months learning, developing and growing into my position within The Village Communications.