Kawasaki is a heritage brand with strong racing credentials and a reputation for innovation and individuality.  Reinforcing this credentials and continuing conversations in new arenas is essential to maintain appeal to both new and existing enthusiasts.

  • Raise awareness and push racing creds amongst motorbike enthusiasts.
  • Be unexpected, innovative, individual and progressive in our communications and champion user engagement.



Motorbike enthusiasts are found across section of the demographic cross section and can therefore be difficult to pin point with standard targeting. However certain attitudinal qualities unite them; Risk takers, keen sense of adventure, passion for sports and a passion for bikes. Tapping into these key passion points, and bringing the thrill and excitement of Kawasaki into our communications was a sure way to engage.



We set about commissioning the very first Kawasaki game, that would embody the racing spirit of the brand, whilst encouraging consumers to better their score through repeat play. The unit would be fully responsive working seamless across all devices expanding from a mix of formats to ensure a frictionless user experience. The ad was served in a variety of ways to ensure maximum traction, being hosted on market leading biking sites to access consumers in the most relevant environment and programmatically to reach bike enthusiasts whilst also tapping into DVLA data to target known bikers.



  • 9,224 clicks from 2.24m impressions (0.4% CTR – display benchmark 0.1%)
  • Platforms outperformed benchmarks with InSkin tablet specifically seeing an impressive 99% increase
  • Dwell time on the InSkin expandable window reached almost a minute
  • InSkin and Visordown delivered over 1 million impressions and obtained 8,873 click through’s
  • Inskin received the best click through rate (excluding the competition), with the tablet format comfortably sitting above the 1.5% benchmark
  • Visordown directed an impressive 7,878 landings on the Kalculator & homepage
  • Not surprisingly, the competition saw a fantastic CTR of over 40%

Overall our delivery figures confirmed core biking publishers remain crucial to in driving traffic from both fans and wider audiences. Our findings also validated Mobile as a lead platform moving forward.



"The Village have come to us with a great energy and brought a truly fresh approach to our brand - a huge support to us at Kawasaki for what is set to be an amazing year."

Gill Jockel, Marketing Section Head Kawasaki

Kawasaki campaign photo

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