• Perceptions of Glenfiddich had been developed over decades, resulting in a respected and deep heritage, but one that was a little over familiar and taken for granted. Our task was to encourage people to rethink their brand perceptions and freshen up Glenfiddich with an experimental twist. 
  • Build brand affinity with Glenfiddich.
  • Shift brand perception towards innovation and excitement.



The most effective route to salience, without compromising authenticity, is to inspire others to tell our story. And so, we set out to work with a chain of influencers to tell the story of Glenfiddich to our target audience – the experimental whisky drinker.

WIRED provided a synonymous fit for the Glenfiddich Experimental Series, as an authority in emerging ideas and cutting-edge technology. This partnership would deliver a ‘more than media’ cross-portfolio campaign, while the world-renowned and influential WIRED brand would lend Glenfiddich credibility and aspirational stature.

The Experimental Series would demonstrate Glenfiddich’s truly innovative spirit.



Our strategy focused on the value of the influencer. In partnership with WIRED, we would distribute bartender generated content, augmented by content from disruptive events hosted by WIRED.

Awareness would be amplified via earned media to drive relevant organic reach and talkability.



  • The WIRED partnership garnered 163k page views & 204k video views.
  • A total of 3.24m impressions were served throughout the campaign.
  • Article, Achieving the Impossible with Lily Cole, achieved 30,939 pageviews, a 450% increase on the benchmark (at 5.6k).
  • Article, The Essence of Whisky, with Glenfiddich, achieved average dwell time of 2:07 mins, a 56% increase on the benchmark (1:21 mins).
  • Traffic Drivers across the WIRED site: the Double Sky achieved a CTR of 0.75%, exceeding the benchmark of 0.45%.
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