We may be small, but we're feisty. Here at The Village our passionate tight knit team work to provide our clients with the most innovative strategies and ideas. Collectively we have years of industry experience, and possess a portfolio of skills that make us second to none in our business and individual talents. Above all, we field our very best people every single day.

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+ Since Launching the Village Communications with Dee and Kat, the pride in watching the agency grow and producing such fantastic work has being second to none. Allowing not only myself, but the team, to explore the creative side of media is also a thrill, but always keeping an eye out for that extra value alongside any deal is still my number one priority.

+ LOVES My son, my dog and my amazing friends, whilst there's still nothing better than a good old celeb party and a night at the 02 topped off with a weekend in NYC.

+ HATES Unoriginal archaic media thinking, the Tube and endless rain.

+ DRINK OF CHOICE Moscow Mule / Lychee Martini.

+ I have a dual role here at The Village. Firstly, ensuring we deliver outstanding work for our amazing clients. The rest of my time is spent helping make The Village the best place to work for our fabulous people!

+ LOVES Getting my daughter in bed and asleep by 7.30pm, discovering a great box set and an early morning yoga session.

+ HATES Complacency, drizzle, and weak tea.

+ DRINK OF CHOICE Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin & tonic over ice, served with a slice of cucumber of course.

+ I manage all things digital across The Village Communications’ client portfolio.

+ LOVES Sunshine, music, family and friends.

+ HATES Marmite. Arrogance. Queuing.


+ Our resident Aussie and digital marketing guru, Jess specialises in developing effective omnichannel strategies and driving strong ROI for our clients.

+ LOVES My wonderful family & friends across the globe, wine and cheese, good coffee and exploring all that the UK has to offer!

+ HATES Big egos

+ DRINK OF CHOICE Tricky one – give me a glass of Pinot Noir pretty much any evening and I’ll be quite happy. I’m also a sucker for a good G&T, cucumber and citrus twist, delish!

+ A key focus of mine is working out what motivates people and really makes them tick, in order to generate true consumer insight. I believe genuine human understanding, coupled with business nous are essential for creating powerful, innovative solutions and that the success of any activity should be firmly rooted in its results.

+ LOVES Gallivanting around the globe, festivals in the sunshine, good food and good wine, trashy TV and Jilly Cooper novels.

+ HATES Bellybuttons.

+ DRINK OF CHOICE It’s got to be wine…

+ Tbc

+ LOVES exploring a new destination & meeting a new friend

+ HATES planning in my life.. media plans only! 😉

+ DRINK OF CHOICE : day – a cold fruity cider.. night - Whitley Neil Rhubarb Gin w/ a touch of Ginger Beer

+ Accountable, flexible, powerful and surprisingly affordable, TV is still the big beast in the media jungle. My role is to harness the beast and combine a heady blend of innovative TV planning with brilliant value for money for our clients.

+ LOVES Skiing and brilliant TV Dramas that keep you hooked.

+ HATES Second hand iphone music on the train, the first day back from a holiday.

+ DRINK OF CHOICE Top flight Medocs, St Emilions and Sauternes from great years.

+ My role here is as a specialist in the fast-paced and fulfilling world of digital, helping clients to plan, implement and optimise campaigns to maximise their objectives.

+ LOVES Exploring the unknown, having fun with friends, alcohol.

+ HATES Boredom

+ DRINK OF CHOICE Whisky Sours, or a Guinness.

+ I work on a range of activities, from the planning and implementation of media across a selection of brands, to the management of bookings.

+ LOVES Enjoying a picnic in the park, playing the Sims 4 & The Farmers Market on a Saturday morning.

+ HATES People wearing big backpacks on a packed tube carriage.

+ DRINK OF CHOICE A large glass of white wine, or a vodka soda with Russian Standard.